Food Ingredients
Food Ingredients

Food Ingredients

Quality raw materials for the food industry

Nutrimental also develops and produces raw materials for the food industry. There are several mixes designed to increase your company's product line, which highlight notes of smell, flavor and freshness, such as dehydrated vegetables and fruits, and can be used in a large number of foods, such as breads, cookies, pasta, cheeses, sausages, soups, sauces, among others.

In addition to the attractive visual appeal, providing the industrialized product with a more natural appearance, its components have wettability, dispersity and can be found in the form of powder, flakes, granules and cubes or in a customized format for the customer.

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Increase your industry's product line with our dehydrated vegetables and fruits.


Quality ingredients for food preparation.


Exclusive technology that reproduces the characteristics of fruits with visual appeal and impact on flavor.

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